Tuesday, May 31, 2011

posing & playful

It's a Hayden special blog post today! I ordered him a handmade collar from Etsy and it came in today. I think he looks pretty handsome with it on.

(I think he likes it so much, he's posing. Ha.)

I've really enjoyed including Hayden in my morning runs because he gets so excited running. He's a lot faster than I am (not hard to be) and so it keeps me motivated. He just turns into a puppy when he runs.

What a precious little guy. It's gonna be hard to leave him for 2 weeks while I head to Montreat this weekend to be a small group leader. I'm thinking of ways I could smuggle him in, but I don't think saying he's my patronus* will work.

* for those of you not obsessed with Harry Potter like I am, a patronus is a protective charm that takes the form of a different animal for each person.


Andrew Coles said...

Shame Whitney, how far do you make the little guy run? He has little legs ;)

Whitney said...

Ha, Andrew, those little legs are FAST! He's hard to keep up with (which isn't so great for my running ego, I might add...)

Jessi said...

I'm already missing my sweet little Ella and I haven't even left for Montreat yet :(