Wednesday, May 11, 2011

cheap & cheerful

I had such a fun day yesterday. After getting some errands taken care of, my good friend Ashley and I met for lunch and had the afternoon free (because this little gal got her liturgy for Sunday in on Monday) before going to a Taste of Home cooking school that evening. In our usual indecisive manner, we went to the movie theater, but found nothing appealing and just drove until somehow we wound up at Goodwill. Now for some of you, Goodwill might not excite the joyful response in you that it does in me. But Goodwill and me, well, we're old friends. And as Ashley and I are also old friends, it was a great plan. I looked at clothes a bit and found an adorable cheery red dress that looked brand new and was the cheaper-than-a-latte price of $2. Then Ashley found a Fiesta (the new stuff) coffee cup and saucer in a dandelion yellow that she said I needed. (I agreed.) That little beauty was a just under $1. We then went to one more charity shop and I came across two wonderful little old books, again $1 for both. So friends, all this simple math is to say that for less than the price of a movie ticket, I was able to pick up a fabulous dress, 2 books and a Fiesta cup a saucer. My day was made even more fun by the bright yellow spring coat I ordered online coming in.

Putting that precious sunshine cup to its most important use.

(And overflowing said cup by attempting to take a picture and pour at the same time!)

More lovely loot.

That amazing coat. I rolled up the sleeves a bit because that lining is just too cute to hide (and the arms are just slightly too long). I just feel happier with this chipper coat on. :)

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