Monday, May 30, 2011

in God's hand

(my Grandmother, Granddaddy and Mother)

I took a little time this Memorial Day to read over my Granddaddy's account of what he calls "The War Years." I'd like to share some of his thoughts with you. After being in Korea for several months, he describes his return. "I'll never forget November of 1946, when in the late night hours I could see the beautiful sparkling lights of Seattle from a troop ship - I was coming back home!" He goes on to talk about how "God meddled" in his life, keeping him from international service again and leading to him meet his wife (my Grandmother) Jackie.

He concludes the story of his sacrificial service in Korea, Fort Hood and Fort Knox by saying the following:

"I would be remiss if I didn't add one more thought to this narrative. As I look back upon the past, one thing is very clear to me. Always, every step of the way, I was in God's hand. Also quite strangely enough, always when I was away from the places and people that I loved, God was there. The best part of all is that this is still true. I pray that this loving relationship will be manifested and continued in the lives of my loved ones."

I'll always be so proud to be his Granddaughter. I pray for all those who find themselves away from the places and people they love, that all of God's children will know that God is with them. And I pray that there will be a day when war will be no more.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing of one who truly loved his God, his Family and his Country on this Memorial Day! He'd be so proud! g/m

Whitney said...

I loved reading his memoir about his experience. It's wonderful how much he always saw God working in his life (and how much we all saw God working through him!). Love you, Grandmother!