Sunday, May 15, 2011

over the river and through the woods

Thanks for your great responses, folks! It's a cool, sunny Texas morning and I'm reading over my sermon with a glorious cup of coffee (in that cheery yellow cup of course). It's been a fun weekend: my friend Rachel's little boy Ian turned 1 and she had a fabulous little party for him, complete with homemade spaghetti, red wine, dulce de leche ice cream and cake. Fun, fun, fun. This afternoon, after preaching (my 4th Sunday in a row - woohoo!), I'm headed to my Grandmother's for a few days of creativity and relaxation. My little laptop will be on vacation as well, so that means no blog posts. But, I'll be back with (of course) pictures to share.

Have a recharging, joyful Sunday.


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Anonymous said...

Having fun! Love, Grandmother