Sunday, June 24, 2012

just hanging out

-After worship this morning, I was in my office talking with a church member about a Bible passage and went ahead and took off my robe to get ready to head over to our luncheon.  When I did, we both realized that my button-up shirt had come completely untucked from my skirt.  She and I both laughed and I said, "Well, I guess I really preached this morning!"

-Hula hooping in the shade of trees on the church grounds.  We had a Summer Fling today and this was part of the fun.  A young adult in the church is fantastic at it, and a great teacher to us hula novices.

-The sound of gravelly thunder in the distance, heavy with the promise of rain.

Friday, June 22, 2012

lovely to see you again

-A gorgeous flower blooming in the yard all on its own.

-Related to this...walking in the backyard and realizing the yard needed watered and five minutes later, feeling a large raindrop splash on my shoulder.

-Going to a presbytery meeting and enjoying catching up with many old and new friends.  It's like a big family reunion.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the watching hour

-Going to a watch repair shop to get my battery changed (it's a bit involved with my watch) and coming to the door at the same time as another woman.  We both looked at the hand-scrawled "gone at 3:30 today" sign on the door.  "What time is it?" I asked.  We both held up our useless watches and smiled.  "I guess I'll see you tomorrow," she said.

-Being brought coffee and a donut.  Delightful.

-A very chipper bird chirping outside.

-Taking my dog on a walk and FaceTime-ing with my nieces and Ash and Clay at the same time.

Monday, June 18, 2012

choreographed & spontaneous

-Going to see a fantastic documentary on aspiring young dancers.  It made me want to go straight to a ballet class!  They're also showing Roman Holiday this week, so I might just make another visit.

-Delightful laughter erupting in Sunday School class.

-Stars peeking out of a velvety black sky.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


This picture is from our family hunting camp.  It's the beginning of chorizo taquitos...mmm!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

do this in remembrance of me

-Glittering raindrops on a spider's web.

-Sharing communion with a 94-year-old woman at her breakfast table and then holding hands and talking.

-Putting vanilla bean ice cream in my coffee this morning, just like my Sista does.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

signs of summer

-The delightful crunchy-sweet taste of peach cobbler made with fresh peaches from the farmer's market.  It's a different kind of cobbler than I've made before, but so simple! Here's the recipe:  (Yes, Wild Honey is finally back!)

-Watching fireflies dance in whirling patterns in the night sky like fairies.

-A visitor in church saying, as I shook her hand in the passing of the peace, how wonderful it was to see a woman up in front of a church leading.

Friday, June 08, 2012

It's Friday, they're in love

Happy 39th Anniversary to my fabulous parents!  I love you, Whit

Monday, June 04, 2012

passing the peace

What an amazing time I had this past week at Duke Divinity's Summer Institute on Reconciliation.  Folks were gathered from all over the world, many denominational backgrounds and various areas of work, to spend a week hearing each others' stories and learning how to find unity.  I made friends whom I know I will keep in touch with, heard stories of healing and hope from Latin America, South Africa and the inner-cities of our country and worshipped in a vibrant diverse context.  Conversation abounded everywhere: at our breakfast tradition at Waffle House (more on this later), having a cup of coffee between seminars, walking through the lovely grounds of Duke or over a glass of wine in the evening at the hotel.  I'm still processing all of the amazing things I discovered there, but for now I can say that I left with a keen awareness of the work of the Spirit bringing hope and peace in so many places and the power of really listening to someone else's story to help you understand your own and this world more clearly.

The stunning view from the Divinity School chapel we worshipped in twice daily.  Who needs stained glass?  Nature does a better job of it!

There were all sorts of doors to Middle Earth scattered throughout the place.

Some Korean folks singing Amazing Grace in Korean.  We had a talent night of sorts, and I danced to the Lord's Prayer.  One of our speakers, Edgardo Colon-Emeric, said "We need to be schooled in hope.  And the chief school of hope is prayer.  The chief school of prayer is the Lord's Prayer."  I thought it was appropriate to share my visual Lord's Prayer.

This woman's story impacted me perhaps more than any other.  (Apologies for the twitter screen interruption: several of us tweeted during the conference, sharing words that were most meaningful to us.)  Her name is Pumla, and she is a Psychologist who served on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa.  Among the many powerful things she said, these words stuck with me most:  "This word transformation is not in theory, it is truly possible. What is important is that we open ourselves to that possibility...where you create space for people to re-discover the humanity in one another."

Here is the book she wrote, detailing her experience interviewing one of the most violent leaders of Apartheid.  Her story is so powerful.

This is James, the very first person I met when I arrived.  As luck would have it, we quickly realized that we were both Aggies!  He is now a professor of Ethics at Anderson University in Indiana.  What a wonderful soul.    

 The stunning (massive) Duke Chapel.  Apparently in the summer months, there are 4 wedding a day here.  While we were here, folks were camping out just to get on the waiting list for weddings next summer!

The doors to the chapel (with my new friends).

We had a lovely (warm) afternoon strolling through the Duke Gardens.  They are amazing.

 Some wonderful new friends.  The woman next to me is Michelle and we just instantly connected.  I know we will continue to be great friends.

 This is where I sat and read Pumla's book for hours on our free afternoon while watching the birds and squirrels play.  It was such a peaceful place.

And this is where a few of us had breakfast every single morning!  I made friends with a Navy chaplain stationed in Okinawa named Josh, and he invited me to have breakfast here.  As the week went on, we included folks from Tanzania, Korea, Paraguay and Canada.  It was like our own little international (deep fried) communion each morning.  Pecan waffles, egg and cheese biscuits, coffee...heavenly.

Here is my friend from Nigeria, Gyang.  He is an Anglican priest and taught me so much about Christian/Muslim conflict in his country.  He was so kind to me and when I left even walked me to my car to see me off with a hug and lingering waves as I drove off.  I will really miss him.

Here's Josh (L) the "Chap" and Pablo, the Paraguayan-Korean.  These guys are so much fun.

Beautiful Pentecost window in the Divinity School, that really characterized our week: the Spirit speaking in many languages and accents but proclaiming one message of unity and peace.