Sunday, June 10, 2012

signs of summer

-The delightful crunchy-sweet taste of peach cobbler made with fresh peaches from the farmer's market.  It's a different kind of cobbler than I've made before, but so simple! Here's the recipe:  (Yes, Wild Honey is finally back!)

-Watching fireflies dance in whirling patterns in the night sky like fairies.

-A visitor in church saying, as I shook her hand in the passing of the peace, how wonderful it was to see a woman up in front of a church leading.


Lynn said...

I'm think that's wonderful, too. :)

Whitney said...

Thanks, Lynn. :) I saw pictures on facebook of Robert leading a new casual communion service...looks wonderful! Hope Atlanta summer is treating you well!

Lynn said...

Yes - Robert was the guest preacher last Sunday. Our pastor, Caleb Clarke, has brought back the early service. It is more casual and they hold it in Founders Hall.