Sunday, June 24, 2012

just hanging out

-After worship this morning, I was in my office talking with a church member about a Bible passage and went ahead and took off my robe to get ready to head over to our luncheon.  When I did, we both realized that my button-up shirt had come completely untucked from my skirt.  She and I both laughed and I said, "Well, I guess I really preached this morning!"

-Hula hooping in the shade of trees on the church grounds.  We had a Summer Fling today and this was part of the fun.  A young adult in the church is fantastic at it, and a great teacher to us hula novices.

-The sound of gravelly thunder in the distance, heavy with the promise of rain.


Leonora said...

I've enjoyed reading your three (or four) beautiful things. I especially like the Frederick Buechner quote on your sidebar- beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying following your blog, Whitney! Thanks for posting so frequently. BTW, your blog is beautiful visually as well as inspiring.

Melissa G FPC - Bryan