Sunday, April 29, 2012

absorbed in light

-A color-coordinated bedroom, complete with new airy curtains and a newly-groomed (and feeling better) furball.

-A 94-year-old birthday gal telling me that she is just delighted with each day.

-Working on a mixed media painting for the local Arts Council fundraiser and enjoying the all-consuming nature of art: where I become so absorbed in textures, patterns and placement that it's only when I come up for air two hours later that I realize I'm starving and need a break.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

flight of fancy

Goodness, y'all, I've been blogging m.i.a.!  Sorry.  Allow me to briefly sum up my week: dog + dark chocolate German truffles = bad news.  My little fella's doing much better now and it's been a full and good week of meetings, worship planning and visits.  

I do, though, want to share pictures from my day off last Friday.  Often my Sabbath day is spent doing laundry etc, but I decided it was time to venture out a bit.  Raleigh is only an hour away, so I took a mug of coffee and drove north to first have breakfast at Flying Biscuit there.  I loved Flying Biscuit in Atlanta and it tasted just as good as it used to.  

After an amazing breakfast (that was enough for 3 people), I went to the North Carolina Museum of Art.  What a delightful place!  And they let me take pictures, so I took a ton.  Get ready for your little art tour!  I do realize that I'm probably breaking some sort of copyright law posting all these pictures and not giving the names of the artist, but I just couldn't keep track of them all.  I was especially drawn to all of the religious art (imagine that).

Those Italians are pretty wonderful with color.  And I think it's the only one I've seen with a quilt-weilding angel behind the baby Jesus.

 I really love this portrait of Mary.

 First the quilting, now the Mona Lisa made entirely out of spools of thread!

 Poor ol' Joe.  Looks like he's a bit worn out.


 Luther hanging out with Unnamed German Theologian.

 A slightly cartoonish depiction of the Ascension (complete with creepy angel heads).

Get ready for more creepy heads, y'all.  Here's Mary....

 ...and her coat of many children.  Meant to be soothing, I think, but comes across bizarre.

 Just lovely.

 Joan of Arc.

An unnamed female martyr.

 Next, I viewed some African art which was colorful and beautiful...

 ...and some of it a little creepy.

A bit of more modern work: here, a photograph in Namibia.

 This might have been my favorite piece of all.  I just love the rich colors.

 Some paintings were very glitzy and detailed...

 ...and then there was this.  ??

 Close up of a folded canvas painting.

A Matisse-style dancer sculpture.  

 What a gorgeous day it was.

It's so much fun to explore new places.  Hope you've all had a wonderful week, or if it's not been so wonderful, I hope next week is better!

Monday, April 16, 2012

a recharging reunion

I'm back from the most relaxing week in Florida with my German friends the Kuhlas.  We haven't seen each other in far too long and so, when I found out they were visiting Tilmann's law friends in Florida for several weeks, I hopped on a little flight and came down to meet them.

When I arrived, they had put German chocolate on my bed.  SO good.

We stayed with Tilmann's friends Jim and Kay and their house was just stunning: right on a large lake with a huge kitchen and a massive screened-in porch (that that, mosquitos!).  

And, of course, their cute dog Toby lived there, too.

We also spent time at their other friends' house, which I just adored.  Very beach cottage-y.  That lime green door's the best.  I took a lot of pictures here, because it gave me great decorating ideas, especially this next picture...

A coffee nook!  How is it possible that I, with my steadfast devotion to coffee, do not have one of these?  I will be making one soon.

Tilmann enjoying his favorite things (second to his son and wife, of course): iced coffee and his Mac.

Here we kayaked a lot and surprisingly did not run into any alligators while doing so.  I was prepared, though.  I'm scrappy.

Ah, relaxation.

I enjoyed a little iced coffee bliss as well.  At this point, in my usual way, I turned into the paparazzi and took a bazillion precious pictures of charming Jannis, but Andrea and Tilmann prefer that their son's cute face not be broadcast across the internet, and I understand.  Just picture happy grins + shining eyes + blanket acrobatics and that's Jannis!

A purple deck.  It's like this house was made for me.

We also spent a gloriously sunny afternoon at Bok Tower Gardens.

Sometimes I'm not so good at standing up straight.

These were called "air plants" and were strung up with wire like little spiky planets that get all they need to survive from the air.

I love those mossy trees — it's like Savannah.

Adorable couple photo shoot begins...

Well hello Saruman.

 It was so amazing to see my wonderful Kuhlas.  

I suppose at this point I should just publicly share the news that will no doubt fill the interwebs: I met someone in Florida.  He was so warm and attentive and I felt completely comfortable around him.  Food even tasted better with him.  The connection was instant.  

His name is Mr. Gas Grill.  As soon as I came into Tilmann's friend's house, and wandered onto the screened-in porch, there he was, gleaming with chrome ready to greet me.  Oh, we had fun together.  There was rosemary-skewered shrimp.  There was caramelized sweet grilled pineapple and cake for dessert.  He got along quite well with a nice sirloin and some chicken for fajitas and even showed great finesse with corn, asparagus and peppers and onions.  I will miss you, dear Mr. Gas Grill.  And while I know what we had in Florida can't be replaced, I will search this Carolina land for a smaller version of you.  The Beatles said you can't buy me love, but I do believe it's available in blue at Walmart. :)

What a delightful, restful, recharging week.  I am so grateful for my friends and to be able to come back to such an embracing community.