Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter fun and Florida freunden

I had the most joyful Easter at Cameron. Words can't really describe the power in gathering with other community clergy and worshippers and celebrating the resurrection in the town cemetery with sunlight rising over crosses. Words also fail to convey the profound hope found around a Table as we remembered together that Christ is risen, and we are risen with him. I was included in a family gathering for lunch and again felt so embraced and nourished by this community.

The afternoon brought an unexpected vet visit that was thankfully manageable and then hurried packing to meet up with my favorite Germans - Andrea and Tilmann in Florida, where they are staying while they catch up with old friends. Hayden was safely tucked away in a wonderful place that is more farm than kennel (with another bichon for a neighbor!) and I hopped on a quick flight to Tampa. It's been a delightful, recharging time and amazing to meet my friends' baby Jannis. Many many more pictures will appear here soon.

Praying that Easter has brought with it new life and joy for you!


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