Friday, April 06, 2012

on the mend

It's been a week, y'all!  My sleepy scruffy fella was not feeling so good, and had to go to the vet (again) for fluid treatment and more medicine.  He's feeling better though, it's just old age and tired kidneys.  I'm maintaining things so he feels good and those little kidneys keep going.  And I'm spoiling him rotten, grateful for each day with such a sweet dog.

This week also brought several pastoral visits.  It still astounds me that sitting on a back porch chatting with folks while sipping ice-cold sweet tea and watching light dance in the trees is somehow my job.  I'm so grateful.  We also had a very moving Maundy Thursday service last night, where I talked about how food conveys love more than just about any other thing, and linked the chocolate chip cookies my Nana always made me to Jesus feeding his followers that last night.  We ended the service with a "stripping of the sanctuary", which I actually modeled after what had been done at Eastminster Pres in Stone Mountain, GA when I was there in seminary.  The service concluded with font, table and pulpit all draped in black fabric, with only a light on the cross.  We walked out in silence, experiencing poignantly the sorrow of that moment.  And then as we gathered outside the doors, cool air and light rain brought us back into conversation again.  Again, I love my job that's so much more than just a job.

My sista's had a week of it too — with sick kiddos and stressful work commitments.  But somehow, in the middle of all that, she's managed to share some seriously adorable pictures of my nieces on her blog.  It's high-time we had a little Niece Special here at GoG...especially because sweet Natalie had her 4th birthday this week!  So, prepare yourselves for color and cuteness, y'all.

 The prancing birthday girl.

 Olivia hanging out in high fashion.

 (This picture is my background on my laptop. 
 It makes me smile every time I turn on my computer.)

 Lots of kisses!

 Gigi making the most of rainy weather.

Pretty in purple.

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