Thursday, May 05, 2011

sorpresa y celebrar

-Finishing my sermon at my "office" downtown (aka the fantastic local coffee shop with free refills) and crossing the street, only to see my mom and her friend Debra heading to lunch. I whistled our family whistle (yes, we have one and no, it's not like the Von Trapp one) and shouted hello and they turned around and invited me to join them for lunch. I had a very generous un-salady chef salad that came with an adorable little jar of dressing. I love unexpected meetings (especially when they involve food).

-Giving Hayden a bath and a blow dry (I know, already an over-protective Mother, but he shivers!) and enjoying how fluffy and clean he was. He did not, however, enjoy it as much as I did but I explained that it's for his own good and will be happening every week.

-Celebrating Cinco de Mayo by having a crisp, icy Corona. That first sip is just heavenly (especially after a run).

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