Monday, May 23, 2011

cheer here, there and everywhere

-A cheery casual find at Target (yep, I'm officially obsessed with this color). Some of the other t-shirts were on sale and so I asked the woman at the register (who is always really friendly) if it was on sale too. It turns out it wasn't, but she quickly adjusted it to the sale price, quietly saying with a smile, "$2 isn't going to hurt Target." Such a kind thing to do. It's going to be a perfect thing to wear in Montreat in a couple of weeks when I go to be a small group leader.

-Talking with Tilmann in Berlin and Katrina in Belfast over Skype. It was wonderful to catch up, see their faces and hear their laughs. Katrina and I, it turns out, are reading the same book right now (An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin). So, we're having our very own little international book club and discussing the first half on Friday via Skype.

-The friendly teenage trainee at Petsmart who was eager to help me and exuberant about everything. When I arrived at the register with the shampoo I was looking for (whitening so my lil' Hayden's extra vibrant), she said, "Aweeeesome! You found it!"

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