Monday, May 09, 2011

welcome reunions

-Going to the library to pick up a new novel and being immediately greeted by an adorable older woman who was perched at the end of a bookshelf on a stool. I said hello back and she explained that she's a member of Grace Presbyterian Church and is looking forward to me preaching there this Sunday. I haven't worshipped in that church in twelve years, since I was an elder there, and this sweet woman remembered me. I can't wait to reunite with all those lovely folks on Sunday.

-Working as a scribe for a fun woman (who just happens to be a massive James Taylor fan) with cerebral palsy who needed a little help taking her exam. I've worked with her before and had such a great time. Her Dad told me that today when she saw that I was her scribe, she was excited. So was I.

-When finishing her music exam (which was online), she held her breath as we checked her grade and then exclaimed, "Holy cow!" and couldn't stop smiling.

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