Sunday, May 01, 2011

Natalie, Thomas and Hayden

-Playing with Natalie this morning before church. She was very intentionally taking care of "her baby" (which closely resembles a frog), giving him lots of hugs.

(Then she gave Aunt Weeza's preaching step a try.)

-Leading communion and preaching about Thomas and how his doubts led him to great missional action (he went on to found churches in India, Palestine, modern-day Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Ethiopia). I suggested that doubt and faith are not mutually exclusive but actually integral to one another. It was all made worthwhile when a woman hugged me at the end of the service saying I brought her some peace from her guilt about doubting God. I said, "You don't need to feel guilty." She responded, smiling, "I know!"

(Ash and Clay saying vaya con dios to Hayden,
who was quite sporting in his bunny ears that Natalie put on him.)

-Today was also a very big day. My sister and brother-in-law, with two kiddos and a third on the way, asked me to consider adopting their precious dog, Hayden. After having him here all week for Camp PapaNonnie, I decided it was time to keep him. He's the sweetest dog, ever, and is already family, so I thrilled to adopt him.


Painted Peacock Photography said...

…and WE are thrilled that he loves U soooo much! He's a lucky puppy. You are the best Whit! And what a terrific sermon today. So happy we were there to hear it. I "doubt" we could have missed it…hehehe


Whitney said...

Thanks Ash! He's precious. We're having a lot of fun already. And thanks so much for the surprise visit to church. I "doubt" I could have been more excited to see y'all. :)

Love you too!