Thursday, June 02, 2011

past in the present

-A very thoughtful letter from Eileen in Belfast, a wise and wonderful woman with whom I was in a Bible study at Fitzroy (she and most of the others in the group are in their eighties and invited me to participate in and then lead their Bible study...I just love those ladies).

-Riding down the highway with my Dad in my Granddaddy's old pickup truck with cows and fields surrounding me, golden evening light burnishing everything, a (finally) cool breeze swirling around and all of that wonderful furniture of my Nana and Papaw's that I painted in tow.

-Falling asleep the instant my head hit the pillow, completely exhausted from a full, hard-working day.

I'm off to Montreat, NC in the morning to be a small group leader for 2 weeks at their youth conferences. Bring on the old friends, eager youth, blue mountains and vibrant community! As I recall, there is ample internet access (but perhaps not a lot of time to use it), so I'll post when I can.

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Pierce said...

So jealous of your being at Montreat. Have a GREAT time. Tell Jodie I said hello!!