Saturday, June 11, 2011

montreat week 1

Montreat is amazing. I've found deep friendship with my hilarious fellow small group leaders, profound wisdom and capacity for care in the teenagers in my small group (one of whom kindly told me I was "condensed awesomeness"), invigorating community, beautiful experiences of God through those blue mountains and reunions with old friends (including seminary friends, a former professor and youth from a church I worked at in Georgia). I've had a wonderful, exhausting, hectic, spiritually filling week. Looking forward to the next one!

(I just wish Hayden could've come!)

Rodger, my former professor, gave me a peach from Georgia. Amazing!

The ever-important Dripolator coffee shop.

My fantastic small group (#21).

And an unexpected reunion: youth from Eastminster where I worked in Georgia, their awesome youth director and sweet Beverly.


M.K. said...

At the Dripolator? I'm so jealous! I love that place. If you're coming by way of Durham, give me a call and we can have coffee!

Lynn said...

That last photo makes me smile especially. I'm glad you could all be together. I would love to see Montreat someday - a blessed place.

RevJen said...

"condensed awesomeness" - *LOVE*

BRW said...

Now where have I seen those creepy, scary tree roots before? No wonder you wanted those paintings!

Have an awesome Week II. xoxo