Wednesday, June 29, 2011

toddlers & tea

-Today was Toddler Time at the local library and my Mom and I took Natalie and Gianna. I love that they love books. They each got to pick out books and a dvd (we're going to have movie time this afternoon "with popcorns" as Natalie would say). They had a great time!

-Having a perfect wee cuppa and mentioning it on Twitter (oh addictive Twitter, how I love thee) and having my buddy Neil from Belfast respond. I love how social networking connects me with so many lovely friends from around the world.

-Hayden taking a serious nap with his cute little paws sprawled out.


Clay and Ashley said...

LOVE THE PICS!!! We miss those precious angels! :) Glad all of you are having fun!

Elizabeth said...

SO adorble! Looks like so much fun! I love when kids love books, too! :)