Saturday, October 10, 2009

bon appetit!

-The energy and enthusiasm of teenagers (even if they're pretending to be bored and indifferent, it still comes through).

-While crossing the street, a man commented on my brown velvet coat, saying he really liked it and that it matched my glasses. I explained that it was over 30 years old and was my mom's. We had a great little chat about timeless things, and although he tried to evangelize me a wee bit (and conveniently did not at all hear me say I was a minister), I found it a perfectly pleasant experience.

-I love cooking based on what looks good. At St. George's with Andrea this morning*, I came across two intriguing things: tall, slender, leafy fronds of celery and rich, oak-smoked garlic. Remembering that I had a bottle of Chianti that was needing to be drank or used soon (and being not terribly keen on chugging half a bottle of wine), I decided to make a variation of coq au vin with a touch of smoked garlic and lots of celery and rosemary roasted potatoes with a bit of the smoked garlic there too. Oh, it was so good. I'm sorry there aren't any pictures to show for it, but it was so tasty I just wasn't patient enough to take any.

*I had considered taking a little break from St. George's today (why, I have no idea) but at dinner last night, I asked Andrea what she was doing today. She replied cleverly, "Well, I think I'm going to St. George's with my friend Whitney and then possibly to see a movie tomorrow night with Whitney too." I smiled, said I'd check with "Whitney" and see how she felt about that, and it turns out she was free. :)

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whynotsmile said...

I like how your friend got you to ask yourself and you turned out to be free. I often ask WhyNotSmile to do things, and she says she's busy.