Monday, October 05, 2009

what goes around...

-Meeting Andrea for coffee and reveling in the full circle-ness of us both being back in Belfast again at the same time. We've also had formative and somewhat similar journeys in the interval time, and are able to share so much now. I'm so glad she's back. (And her husband Tillman is a wonderful addition!)

-A bench adorned with "Love" in spray paint. I'm always looking for positive graffitti.

-Bright red new tennis shoes ("trainers" as they're called here). They are so ridiculously comfortable that I find myself practically bouncing down the street. I feel like a kid with new shoes to play in, and have the sudden urge to skip and frolic my way to the nearest playground.

1 comment:

Talon said...

I love your description of the new sneakers. That's exactly how they make you feel - just like a kid! Neat that you chose red!