Tuesday, October 13, 2009

pie in the sky(pe)

-Making pumpkin pie to take to dinner at Andrea and Tilmann's. There's something so cozy, comforting and homeish about pumpkin pie, and I figure that since there's no Thanksgiving here, I can have it any old time I like!

-A little boy on the bus who shouted ,"BYE! BYEEEEEE!" to everyone as he was strolled off, until we all said "bye!" back. So that's what it takes to get people to actually talk on the bus...an enthusiastic child.

-Walking through my favorite little back street in the city centre and listening to guitars of buskers and church bells at the same time, creating a folk-hymn that was just perfect.

-Talking to Ash, Clay, Cory, Nat and Gianna on skype using my webcam for the first time. Being able to make silly faces to my sister and to dance with Natalie was so amazing!


RevJen said...

you get big props for making a pie in your cantankerous oven!

Anonymous said...

I really like pumkin pie and I really like the poem of the month. Yes, Life is to be cherished. Whenever I want to feel good I just turn to your blog. Hope you have pleasant days ahead. Your friend, Debra

BRW said...

I want a slice of that lovely pie . . . with a dollop of whipped cream dusted with freshly grated nutmeg, please. Love you, Little Chef. ~ Mamasita