Friday, October 23, 2009


-Going to see my housemate Jonee in a play he's in on its opening night. His role was 'first man,' and so we made a silly sign saying "we heart 'first man' " which he was amused by. The play was really very good (it's called "Black Milk" and is showing at the Brian Friel Theatre in the QFT until Halloween...I highly recommend it for you Belfast folks).

-Meeting a teenager from the church for coffee, someone I don't know as well as I'd like, and really enjoying her individuality, humo(u)r and energy.

-Getting my Linenhall Library card in the mail and feeling so excited about being a member. The Linenhall library is the oldest library in Belfast, dating back to (!) 1788. I've been there before when Lori let me use her membership card for the bit of time remaining on it, and decided that a place so magical and Belfastic was really worth my time and membership fee.

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mapgirl said...

I love the term "Belfastic." Unless it's copyrighted I plan to adopt it and use it liberally. Enjoy the LHL as much as I did ...
and please give my regards to the First Man!

I so enjoy reading your blog and so miss your enthusiasm and smile.