Wednesday, October 14, 2009

she rev

-Meeting Sandra for coffee in bohemian chic Avoca and being greeted with a lovely autumnal (love that word!) bouquet of flowers. They're from her allotment (her patch of land to grow things on) and so they smell soooo good. I've decided that Autumn is my favorite season, with golden leaves floating down, a not-too-cold, not-too-hot feel to the air and clothes in warm, rich earthy tones.

-An energizing Religious Education lesson with kiddos at the primary school. I asked what they learned last in RE, and one girl who has a bit of trouble staying focused (putting it nicely) said "Oh, we learned about The Most Amazing Game With The Most Amazing Name!" because I had used a game that I created and hadn't really named. I laughed that this was what she remembered.

-Meeting a group of clergywomen to share experiences, pray for and encourage each other. It was empowering to be in a room with them all, each in different stages of their ministry and training, and feel that we shared a common calling that bound us together.

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BRW said...

Love those fall colors . . . which reminds me--have my favorite little brown suede shoes (you know, the ones that match my once-favorite brown velvet jacket so well) had a chance to go dancing yet? Love you, Dancing Girl!