Tuesday, October 06, 2009

what's orange and black and striped all over?

-Waking up early just so I could finish my book and drink coffee. I finished Julia Child's My Life in Paris. It was so lively, poignant and inspiring. I'm in need of a good book to read now...you lovely blog readers did a great job recommending one last time (the Thirteenth Tale was amazing!). Wanna give it another go?

-Walking in to work today, I looked up to see a lorry (truck) with little Tigger stuffed animals lining the windshield. Thinking that it couldn't get any more bizarre, I glanced over as I walked past it to see a LIFE-SIZED Tigger in the passenger seat with a seatbelt on. I laughed out loud.

-Golden leaves on the ground announcing autumn.

-A lively conversation with some teachers and the principal at Botanic Primary School, where I felt that somehow that I'd crossed that invisible line between "outsider" and "insider."

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RevJen said...

Whitney, you might wanna check out this blog written by someone I knew in college. http://txmomof3.wordpress.com/
She likes positive graffitti, too - she calls it gratiffiti (sp?) - a combo of gratitude and graffiti. You can find pics in some of her older posts - particularly the story of princess rachel and lovely megan. Happy fall!