Thursday, October 08, 2009

meaning happens

-Meaningful impromptu conversations: one on a lovely autumn afternoon with sunlight streaming through golden trees, and another, in the kitchen after a long day whilst washing dishes.

-Dusting off (literally...sigh) old seminary books and reading some wonderfully articulate, soul-stirring and empowering ideas about creation, eschatology and incarnation. The best was speaking about the scandalous presence of God in the world, stirring transformation, calling for justice and compelling followers to "feed my sheep", not out of obligation, fear or guilt, but out of love.

-Collapsing on my couch after dance class, watching t.v. and then realizing that I actually did not particularly want to watch t.v., but was just passively doing so. With a bit of effort, I peeled myself off the couch and triumphantly turned off the t.v., deciding to rejoin the world of actual reality.

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