Saturday, October 24, 2009


-Going to St. George's with Heather after a way-too-early meeting (8:15am! On a Saturday!) and having a really good catch-up and seeing everything through her daughter Eva's energetic eyes. The main event: a big foot-shaped lolly pop called "smelly feet" that she kept pretending was icky smelling as she laughed and devoured it anyway.

-My first time to use my Very Own Linenhall Library Card. I think I did well with an (surprise, surprise) old Jamie Oliver cookbook, light-hearted novel and deeper novel. I'm looking foward to many happy returns (and check-outs...).

-Combatting the gusty, rainy, cold weather with a hefty beef stew made with rich red wine, earthy onions and carrots from the market, sweet and new potatoes and herbs. I think I won. Take that, terrible weather!


Aimee said...

we have totally been cooking twins! My boyfriend made us beef stew last week, with carrots, peas, new potatoes, onions, and red wine.

Whitney said...

Ha! That's great. The weird thing: I realized after cooking mine that I had meant to put peas in. :)