Thursday, October 29, 2009

no rhyme or reason

-Going to Dorothy's for dinner and seeing the whimsical painting she has up in her lounge. There's something about the colors and style that reminds me very much of the pictures in a nursery rhyme book I had as a child, and so I found it comforting and imaginative.

-Mark, Dorothy's hilarious 3-year-old grandson, proudly announcing in the middle of dinner that he was "going to go to a hotel with an elephant and make a mess!" This continued for several minutes to include a nearly complete zoo population: lions, bears, monkeys and giraffes were apparently coming as well. For some reason, with each new animal added he did a mischievous little eye roll and giggled loudly.

-Waking up early to hear rain pelting the roof in soothing rhythms and turning over and drifting back to sleep.


Jannie Funster said...

Hi! Popping in here from Lynn's Good Things Happened.

I like it here!

And that painting is great, yes, reminds me of the 1890s.

I was in Belfast in 1999 for a couple of days. Gorgeous city you're in.


sarah said...

popped in and like your blog.