Monday, October 19, 2009

signs of health

-Walking at sunset and enjoying the beauty of this lovely city, set aglow with golden light and pink-hued clouds.
(slightly embarrassing, but here I am in my carnival glory...kind of like Big Bird at a fiesta!)

-Dancing for the re-opening of the city hall (after refurbishments) and enjoying the energy and positivity of the day. From parading down the street with well-wishers shouting "Hey! Whitney!" along the way, to two girls I teach Religious Education to spotting me and saying "Hi!" and then "What's Whitney doing here??", to watching amazing acrobats float down the city hall with butterfly wings reflecting a new life in Belfast, to having a conversation afterwards with two fellow dancers who are disenchanted with the Church and sharing why I'm so passionate about being a part of it so the exclusive or antagonistic voices aren't the only ones being heard, to being told I'm "a breath of fresh air" was a brilliant day!

-I was unfortunately sick yesterday, and not able to make it to church, but received lots of texts from young people saying they all hoped I felt better soon. It was very thoughtful, and I feel much better today. :)


The Patranellas said...

Fiesta Big are too funny. I think you looked great!

catherine said...

love love LOVE your sunset photos!

mapgirl said...

Soooooooooooooo good to see these photos of some of my fave things: City Centre and you. SO EXCITED about the reopened City Hall. I cannot wait to see it! March 2010 I will be there!

Whitney said...

ooh that's great news!! :)