Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Indiana Jones and The Walk in the Park

-A lovely walk through the park.

-Going to the first ladies' Bible study of the autumn. I enjoyed sitting in a room full of wise and faithful women and listening to their ideas (and adding a few of my own) while drinking earl grey tea in delicate china cups and nibbling homemade scones.

-Feeling really tired at the end of the day and getting a text from a friend that dance class was cancelled this week because of the half-term break. Yay, relaxation!

-Oh, I forgot something I definitely wanted to blog about! Last night, for some reason, a local movie theatre here was showing Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. I dragged along Andrea and Tilmann and we herded ourselves into a theatre packed with Indy nerds like myself. We all laughed in unison, my German friends translated some parts for me (there's a certain fight scene where a Nazi says "this American fights like a girl!" ha!) and we all applauded at the end. It took me back to my childhood watching Indy and his hilarious adventures. What a wonderful night.

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