Thursday, November 18, 2010

time to talk

-Discovering vocabulary cards in my Harry Potter book whilst devouring all 759 pages of it in 3 days in preparation for seeing the movie tomorrow night. Some of the words that literally fell onto my lap include: innovation, minimum, perishable, onset and (oddly) manacle. What a random and loquacious surprise.

-Another great catch-up chat with Ted in the coffee shop. He's always there and we usually wind up talking for a good while, no matter how much sermonating I need to do (because people beat computer every time!). Today I heard all about the house he and his wife built for 10 years, his recent trip to San Antonio, his Thanksgiving plans and how his Catholic faith shapes the way he sees the world. Now, he is loquacious! As he went back to watching Westerns on his laptop and I went back to preparing a worship service, he said, "You know, I'm here every day, but I really don't talk to many folks. Just you and one other. Not everybody's open enough to talk to people around them." I'll always have time for Ted (and thankfully, he always has time for me).

-The prophetically resonating and no-nonsense wisdom of Anne Lamott discovered in a recent article, found here.


Lynn said...

I love that you take the time to talk to the man in the coffee shop, Whit. I'm not surprised that you do that.

And thanks for the Anne Lamott link - she is so great. I just read Traveling Mercies - my first Anne Lamott book.

Whitney said...

Thanks, Lynn. Coffee shops are wonderful that way in helping you get to know folks. Did I mention Ted was my shop teacher in junior high? The first time I went in the coffee shop, he recognized me. Amazing. (Though, really, I haven't grown much since then!)

I love Anne Lamott. She's just so real.