Friday, November 05, 2010

soup mission

I had the loveliest sunny morning with my good friend Katy from seminary. Her family is from San Antonio, so before she and her hubby headed back to Colorado where they live, we met up in the little state park and mission at Goliad. I don't think I'd been there since elementary school trips, and it was such an interesting place. I love that Katy thought of the's such an active, inspired way to catch up.

-The crisp fall air combined with brilliant sunshine made a perfect setting for ambling through the rustic mission and exploring the tree-lined trails.

-The brilliantly colored walls even had what Katy called "elvis impersonator angels."

-It's so wonderful to walk around with a colleague in ministry because we were both immediately drawn to this beautiful baptismal font.

-Katy is such a gifted photographer, and we both love taking pictures. It's entertaining to hang out with someone who likes taking pictures as much as I do. She uses a really cool film camera, which is impressive because she puts so much thought into each shot (whereas I'm just a picture-taking maniac, knowing I only need to keep the better ones).

-This little fella was hanging out (literally) in the middle of the trail and while he's pretty cute and colorful, he didn't seem friendly enough to pet.

-I loved the delicate peeling bark of this tree. Anybody know what kind of tree it is?

-We then went to the quaint Blue Quail Deli for some of their delicious (& apparently famous!) cream of jalapeno soup. It was so much fun to just sit and talk with such a great friend after not having seen each other for years and just pick up where we left off. She's such a caring, lovely person.

-I've had a little cold and this afternoon I was so tired that I napped in that deep slumber that comes with just not feeling 100%. My fabulous mother made me some wonderful chicken noodle soup...with lots of flair from fresh herbs and whimsical, curly pasta. Thanks, Mamacita!

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macska said...

for the tree... some kind of platanus, maybe