Friday, November 05, 2010

supporting roles

-Ash walking in the door with Gianna and me saying "Hiiiiiii, Giannnna!" and her responding by stretching her arms out for me to take her in mine and then hugging my neck. I love those girls!

-A quick, yummy lunch at the Hobbit Cafe with my sister. It's such a delicious and whimsical place...and those shrimp rolls stuffed with cream cheese, oh my. So good.

-Getting to spend a whole morning hanging out with my fabulously pregnant cousin, Adele. These are the little luxuries that wouldn't have been possible with me living across the pond, and we were both grateful to be in the same time zone getting to just catch up. It was also amusing that, when we went in an antique store, the woman zealously pushed her stock of rocking chairs upon Adele.

-The miraculous effects of coffee on a bit of a sore throat. And on most other things, for that matter!

-Getting to visit a lovely couple from a church I worked in when I lived in Georgia. Joe is at M.D. Anderson for cancer treatment and so he and his wife Bonnie have been in Texas for an extended stay in Houston. I paused at the door, double checking that I had the right room and using that nasty hand-cleaning gel goop (because of aforementioned cuddling with toddlers and a sore throat) and Bonnie peeked her head out saying, "I thought I saw tiny feet!" It was wonderful to see them--not in the most wonderful conditions--but they are sprite and enduring as ever. They've traveled so much, and so I heard the most fantastical tales of necks arched up at the Sistine Chapel and camel rides up a rocky Mount Sinai.

-Visiting with (I've had a lot of visits this week!) my general presbyter at New Covenant Presbytery to talk calls, transitions and discernment. It was a very encouraging "keep it up!" conversation and his prayer for me at the end left me filled up, goaded on in this sometimes circuitous route to answering God's call.

-My friend and former (sniff!) co-worker Chris giving such thought-provoking ideas on his blog, one of which I've adopted as a mantra for myself:

‎"Take heart in the truth that you are not the lead character in your own story, that the climax of this story doesn’t depend on your performance but on a holy will that is in motion."

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