Monday, November 15, 2010

midnight musings

-A day of great conversations with some of my wonderful friends. It just so happened that I got to talk with Rob, Karen, Jennifer, Kirsten and Pierce all today! I have fabulous friends, and I'm so grateful for them.

-For some reason, my mind did not want to go to sleep last night, which was frustrating, but ultimately creatively stirring. I ended up redesigning my blog (as you can see) using a beautiful, whimsical picture my sister took and also using the everyday sacramental imagery of wine and crackers (bread) here too. It really fits my ethos about holiness that "lies spread and borne over the surface of time and stuff like color" (Annie Dillard). I also worked a bit on a Celtic worship service I'm doing in a few weeks time and enjoyed finally falling asleep with the resonating sounds of Celtic hymns in my mind.

-Finding The Great Gatsby dvd (with Robert Redford) at my local library. My sister is reading the book and mentioned the movie on her blog, which inspired me to find it.

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