Monday, November 29, 2010

change and the familiar

-Having several of my friends share this video via facebook and appreciating two things: 1) how interesting my friends are and 2) how profound the simple wisdom of this video is for this season.

-Saying good morning to Ted my coffee shop buddy at the sugar/cream counter and enjoying the company and conversation. I also appreciated the fact that, due to a very overzealous group of 10 mothers with their cute babies, the gentleman occupying my usual seat made an early exit and I was able to sit there and happily sermonate (with the vital aid of headphones). Can you tell I like a little routine in my caffeinating? :)

-A gorgeous sunset that whispers a change in the weather is on its way.


Lynn said...

I love that Advent Conspiracy. A lovely idea.

Whitney said...

I really like it too, Lynn. Such a simple, powerful way to get a message across too.