Tuesday, October 26, 2010

feathers and snippets

-A soft, delicate, brilliantly bespeckled feather from Zulu (our African guinea...who should actually be called "Lulu") on the arm of my chair. We think she's molting, and it makes for beautiful polka-dotted decorations all over the porch.

-Fresh eggs (not from Zulu though) scrambled with basil, parsley and arugula/rocket, all from the garden...and a bit of cream cheese for decadence. Wonderful.

-Getting so absorbed into a book that even while watching a favorite t.v. show (Dancing with the Stars...who'd have thought??), I muted the commercials to read snippets of it.


Die Kuhlas said...

hey whit, miss you! and am quite jealous- could you please send me home some texas-weather?
miss belfast, too. weather over here reminds me. of sharing thanks giving, movie nights, cold church-offices and glorious food. yours forever, mildred.

Whitney said...

i miss y'all too! i miss belfast as well (how could you not?) i miss dance parties while cooking in the kitchen, sharing worship with you and watching friends. love you guys, agnes.