Monday, October 04, 2010

birthday bliss

Oh, I had the greatest time hanging out with my nieces this past few days. Their laughter, clever, cheeky expressions, affection and joy at the tiniest things just fills me right on up. I also had the greatest time with my sister, catching up on life through mexican food and pumpkin lattes, impromptu photo shoots, good conversations and tag-team toddler chasing. Clay brought his usual easy sense of humor and so we all bonded over funny movie spoofs on the internet while munching sandwiches and drinking white wine. What a great time! And then the real fun began with Gianna's 1st birthday Saturday. You can see just how great that was...

The girls

It was a kite-themed party. Aunt Weeza (that's what I'm called) was not so good with the kite. Especially not in those boots. :)

That chocolate addiction seems to be hereditary. I get that same look on my face when a nice bar of fair-trade, dark chocolate comes my way!

Papa and Gigi

Like my cute G cookies? Peanut butter with (you guessed it)...chocolate. Also, if you're having a recycling party, I think they would work there too.

Adorable cake. When we got people to write "Gianna" on it, they put (in shaky, tiny cursive) "Gianra. . ." Oh, the drama over those stupid . . .'s. I scraped it off and fixed it.

So fun!

Nonnie & Great-Grandmother

I think Gigi loved it.

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