Thursday, October 14, 2010

not-so-minor grace

-Hearing that those amazing Chilean miners all made it out okay.

-Skyping with my good buddy Neil in Belfast for an hour and enjoying the banter and fun of catching up. He even took a picture with his fancy iphone.

-Being invited to write a Shalom Vision article for the Disciples Peace Fellowship about my understanding of conflict in Belfast and in the United States, which was posted today. Fancy a read? It's here.

-Watching an old Hitchcock movie (Dial "M" for Murder) which ended with, no joke, the clever detective pulling out a comb and regally combing his expansive mustache.

*a little note: When I say I've "glimpsed grace" in these things, I'm not equating them...there is definitely more grace in those heroic miners surviving than in a man combing his mustache. Just wanted to clear that up. :)

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