Monday, October 11, 2010

talkin' turkey

The 'rents and I took a little trip to the booming metropolis of Cuero (read: adorable tiny, Texas town) for lunch and a little shopping Saturday. We were there for Turkeyfest, the annual turkey race & parade that brings surprisingly big crowds. The turkey (humbly named "Ruby Begonia" despite being a fella) lost the race, but there was still a good time to be had. Cuero was so relaxing with its peeling-painted doors, delicious Mexican food, shops that hand out free peach & champagne bellinis and even a cactus garden. What a grace-full day.

If anyone has an extra $500, I would love you forever if you would buy me this! I LOVE this stove.

Aren't my parents cute?

*Also, howdyalike my new blog design? I made it myself! She's got a pretty new outfit for fall. :)

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