Saturday, October 23, 2010

a jolly day with lolly

-Going to Austin to visit my great-aunt Lolly. Yesterday was her 92nd birthday! On the way, Mom, Grandmother and I stopped at the Eastside Cafe for some amazing homegrown food. I had wonderful vegetable verde enchiladas.

-Walking around the back garden to see where they grew all of their herbs and vegetables. It was pretty impressive. I've also never seen a literal flower bed before.

-We had a great time catching up with Aunt Lolly and hanging out in her cute apartment.

-We brought yummy little celebratory cupcakes.

-Here's my sassy, witty great-aunt Lolly with her teddy bear (she loves teddy bears) on her 92nd birthday. She's so with it and full of gumption. We had a great afternoon.

-And here she is as a teenager being just as spirited at Balanced Rock in Colorado. I LOVE this picture.

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