Sunday, October 17, 2010

awake, my soul

I went to visit my grandmother this weekend and go to a family meeting and it was just wonderful! I have several glimpses of grace to share, but before we get to that, you should know that today is 4 years to the day that I've been recording everyday moments of God's surprising grace discovered in the mundane and extraordinary. Thanks for sharing in it all with me...

-Getting a little delirious after our family meeting thanks to potent Delaware Punch, my great-great-aunts Eunice and Beula's teacakes (this is what my parents and their cousins always had growing up) and from just being plain tired. I had such a fabulous time reconnecting with family.

-A Texas way to welcome fall.

-Trees golden with sunlight, arching in a luxurious stretch to the sky. They, of course, reminded me of Lord of the Rings.

-A Texas sunset setting the sky on fire with colors so brilliant they hurt your eyes. Only one other place I've been rivals sunsets in Texas (South Africa)...they're extraordinary.

-Going through a poetry compilation book of my grandmother's and discovering part of a poem that is so fitting for the church today (and for any of us who stumble after Jesus):

"God gave thy soul brave wings;
put not those feathers
Into a bed, to sleep out all ill weathers."

May we all embrace the uncomfortable bravery that is consciousness.

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Garnetrose said...

I love that saying. I put it on my facebook. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and your grandma seems like a kind lady. lovely pics too.