Monday, November 16, 2009

cinema deux

-Going to the cinema with Ruth on a terribly cold and rainy afternoon. We went to see Dirty Dancing at the amazing vip seats in the Odyssey and had reclining chairs, unlimited popcorn and drinks and the whole theater to ourselves. It was wonderful! I love the music in Dirty Dancing, and it's another of those I've never seen before on the big screen. What a change it was to go back from that warm little haven into the rain again.

-Cooking french onion soup while Jonee blared music from The Wizard of Oz as he prepared for an upcoming school concert. It was so much fun to hear the whimsical and bizarre music. Jonee commented, "Were these people on drugs when they wrote this or what?!"

-Going to a screening of For The Bible Tells Me So, a documentary looking at the relationship between the church and homosexuality through hearing the stories of several prominent Christian American families. It was really powerful, and my friend Padraig was speaking at it. At the end, he said, "I don't think Jesus is on my side. He doesn't belong to me. I can't tame him, but he has some interesting things to say." What a wise soul!

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Andy Wilkes said...

Hi Whitney, it is a powerful documentary. I saw it last year when Ian Macellan and Gene Robinson hosted a screening of it in London.
Loving your blog as always.