Thursday, November 12, 2009

i spy with my little eye...

-C.S. Lewis once said that all of his great ideas and thoughts came through taking a walk. I had such an experience last night. A little girl in Religious Ed asked me about how you know that God puts people first, how you know that God works in the world when you can't see God. I said that it's about faith, about believing in something even if you can't see it and about looking for God in little ways through other people. "Okay," she said with the amazing acceptance of a child. I was thinking about faith all day, and while walking it came to me that faith is seeing when you don't believe and believing when you don't see. I mean, faith is looking for God even when you're not sure God's there and believing God's there when you can't see evidence of it.

-Wearing a cozy oversized scarf to keep out the cold air.

-Coming in from the cold, swirling rain absolutely soaked and having a delightfully hot cup of mango strawberry tea.

-A really great hug.


Clay & Ashley said...

Sista...Check out my "New Moon" countdown I added to our blog. Licia and I are so excited about it! EDWARRRRD!

Anonymous said...

Nice post you got here. I'd like to read more about this topic. The only thing this blog misses is a photo of some jammer.