Friday, November 20, 2009

head over heels

-Having coffee with some of the girls from Fitzroy and enjoying looking out at the torrential rain outside whilst being warm and drinking something yummy inside.

-Light filtering through layered green trees and bushes. Light through trees is always holy for me, and especially so in a place where it's so rare.

-Going to the old-fashioned cobbler to have the heels of my favorite free Ferragamo's (from the Clothes Closet at Columbia) repaired. Their sign (which I must get a picture of) has a little elfin cobbler on it, and after seeing the magic wrought on my tired old boots, for only a fiver, I think they might just have one there.

-Jessi taking this picture while on a mission trip in Guatamala and tagging me in it on facebook.

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Chris H said...

yeah sunlight, we never get it in ireland.