Monday, November 30, 2009

oh, i see

-Walking through the park this morning and having a moment of being completely blinded by the sun, so much so that the person who walked by me just looked like a glowing outline. As I felt the warm sun shine through huge pine trees, I felt a deep sense of pure love. It was one of those fleeting moments of sheer clarity when I realized how very much God is looking after me and all I do.

-Being in a room full of Fitzroy youthy-types and thinking about how much they all mean to me, and how intertwined our lives have become. I think back of other churches I've worked in or attended and I also feel this connection with them, even though I'm not physically there. This is something that I think is unique about the church, and probably part of why I'm drawn to it.

-Coming home to warmth.

-Making up a new word for Advent: that I'm adventurous. What a nerd I am.


Lynn said...

I like that word ADVENTurous. Very descriptive of you, Whit. We miss you at EPC - you are still part of us. We speak about you all the time.

Meghan said...

That word could be very ADVETageous!

Meghan said...

This is why you preview, ADVENTageous.

Alan in Belfast said...

Add to that your relief that the ceiling didn't fall in on you while preaching (or sitting underneath it)!