Saturday, November 28, 2009


-Tonight, Andrea, Tilmann, Catherine and I met up at the Christmas Continental Market at the city hall. Bundled up to ward off the cold weather, we meandered through stalls from several countries (Poland, Spain, Germany, France, India, and oh yes, the U.S. to name a few) amid a crowd of other festively-minded folks. I had a steaming bowl of fragrant chicken & chorizo paella, followed by mulled wine from a local winery and amazing chocolate churros that we all shared as our fingers got gooey and we laughed at the fun of it. Oh, heaven. Thanksgiving all over again. We walked, snapped pictures, ATE, laughed, made up twisted versions of Christmas songs ("Frosty the Snowman...roasting on an open fire..."), and I even bought an adorable little Christmas tree for a tenner that Tilmann graciously lugged around. That provided for even more silly antics, and we may have invented not only bizarre Christmas songs but a new winter olympic sport called "Christmas tree jousting." Then, we (and "we" includes the tree) came back to my house to watch friends and then sung Swell Season, U2 and, sigh, even Ricky Martin songs with Jonee. It was such a great night...full of grace, friendship and food. What more could you need?

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