Monday, November 23, 2009

wee favorites

-Going to Belfast's oldest coffee shop for a late breakfast and enjoying the close-knit community inside, with people clanking plates and forks and sending greetings across the table. The highlight was when an older woman held up her LIGHT UP purse for all to see: it was covered with a Christmassy snowman motif that blinked brightly. She giggled, we all nodded approval and she said excitedly, "Everyone loves it!"

-The proliferation of the word "wee." I came in to the coffee shop, was asked to take a "wee" seat, was handed a "wee" menu and then a woman came to take my "wee" order. I ordered a mini fry, which I was surprised wasn't called "wee" as well.

-Going to Sawyer's, the fun international food shop. I was looking for cornbread mix or something similar, but sadly their wee American section consisted of just peanut butter and Lucky Charms. I did, however, spy an A&W rootbeer in the fridge. My sister and I used to think A&W stood for "Ashley & Whitney, " and it was always a favorite. One sip, and I was a kid at home again.