Sunday, November 08, 2009

chunks of grace

-A wonderful day at the market full of exciting things (I really do never get tired of St. George's): German visitors with Andrea and Tilmann, purple cauliflower, devil's food cupcakes, one of the church young people working at a stall and the vintage clothing lady making something just for me. I've bought a couple of things from her before and this time she had a lovely brown vest (they call it a "waistcoat" here) with brass buttons that was embroidered with a beautiful flower and embellished with orange trim. I loved it immediately, and told her so, and she replied with a smile, "I made this with you in mind." I tried it on and it was too big, but she just got her pins out and pinned it to my size, saying she'd have it ready for me next week at the market. She even gave my friend who bought a sweater a discount. How lovely is that?

-Getting on the bus and showing the driver my day ticket, only to have him react with amazement like I'd just shown him a winning lottery ticket. Enthusiasm is just wonderful.

-Going to the Crown Bar (where John Wayne filmed parts of "The Quiet Man") to meet the Germans and claiming one of the charming stage-coach-esque booths (they call it a "snug") while I was waiting for them. Some very friendly and slightly inebriated folks came and sat in it with me and we enjoyed hilarious conversation (as you might expect). When the Germans all arrived, we turned into one big, happy tri-national gathering and all parted with hugs and well-wishes at the end of the night. Tilmann said to me at one point, "I bet these are big chunks of grace for you!" I couldn't put it better myself.


Katie said...

St Georges Market is the *best!
It's nice to read other Belfast blogs :)

Lynn said...

I have never seen purple cauliflower - how lovely! Make sure you show us your new vest. :)