Tuesday, November 10, 2009

it's golden, you know.

-Reading in the Linenhall Library coffee shop and appreciating the utter silence of the place. What a change from outside. It was so quiet that I could hear each little coarse grain of sugar mingling with my winter spice tea, the clink of the spoon as I stirred and the regal dong-dong-dong of the Grandfather clock. Looking out on a glowing city hall and sitting in silence was a simple refreshment.

-My co-worker remarking to me as we compiled a report outlining our values for youth ministry, "You're on fire!"

-Spidery black branches stretching out across a wintery lavender sky. Lovely autumn seems to have left after too short a visit, and winter is here. Today, I had to put on my warm plaid flannel shirt and cozy fur-hooded sweater.

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