Monday, December 04, 2006

thin places

-Taking the youth group to Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Trappist Monastery in Conyers. It was their compline (evening) service, and the sanctuary was in complete darkness other than the cross and Bible lit up in the front. We didn't even know anyone else was there until the monks began to sing. It was the most transcendent combination of deep throaty hums and tonal variations I've ever heard. It felt holy, sacred, other...a "thin" place like Iona.

-Being greeted by name at the coffee shop I go to. Once, when I was shopping at a resale shop around the corner, I met Joey who works at Mocha Match. It began to pour, so I gave her a lift back to work, and she's remembered me ever since.

-The little scrawny tree outside the coffee shop that was decorated with Christmas ornaments. Charlie Brown would love it.

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