Friday, December 15, 2006

delicious rest

-Receiving a wonderful care package from my parents today. It came complete with yummy hot chocolate, African tea and garlic-rosemary crackers. Delicious!

-Collapsing into a two-hour nap after finally finishing all of my schoolwork for the semester. What a relief.

-The anticipation of a fun night of live music and conversation with a few of the other youth advisors from church.


Pappy McVulgar said...

Naps are the best!!!

I am not too sure about the other stuff.
May I suggest spinning your self dizzy this weekend? If you try it please do tell. I love your blog BTW. It is a place of peace.

P.s. You are total absent of a partner. If it is meant to happen I bet it does as you answer your call. God likes to do that kind of shite.

Whitney said...

I may just engage in some spinning later (after the lollygagging and frolicking of course). I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the words of wisdom & encouragment. God's a funny one, isn't she? ;) Time will tell. This whole call thing has gotten me pretty jazzed might even inspire me to spin.

Pappy McVulgar said...

God a woman...haha..i am taking a feminest theology class next semester with Cindy. I think I am the only dude in there. I will see if God is a woman. I bet God is somekind of carnival worker whatever God gender.