Friday, December 29, 2006

serenity now

-Telling stories and laughing around the campfire last night with my family. We went to our family hunting ranch in South Texas that my Great-Great-Grandfather bought in 1912. It's a serene and pristine place, that still has no electricity or running water. It's perfect for contemplation, reading and recharging.

-When arrowhead hunting with my parents (our land has a ton of Native American arrowheads on it), my Dad picked up a beautiful piece of petrified wood and said, "This would make a great paperweight...on a desk in South Africa." I've applied to study abroad next fall, either in South Africa or Cambridge, England. If I'm selected, my "paperweight" is coming with me.

-Eating venison stew cooked in a big pot over hot coals with fried potatoes and onions for lunch today. It's the traditional lunch at our hunting place, one that my Granddaddy always made. It was delicious.


Mary Hall said...

Whitney, you may not remember me - I am an old member of FPC, Bryan,and I wrote you when you were in Ireland. The quote in your comment today about the nonsense of our days reminded me of something in an old Circle study book: "Joy is finally catching on to God's incredible sense of humor."
Charis and shalom,
Mary Hall

Dan Morehead said...

Everyone needs a paperweight.

Whitney said...

Hello Mary, I do remember you! Thanks so much for keeping in touch and reading. Love the quote.

Dan, you are right. Just think of how much happier a place the world would be if everyone had a paperweight. :)

Gareth said...

South Africa is in dire need of good Texan paperweights. Where are you thinking of going in SA? This is all rather exciting.

Whitney said...

:) It would be either Stellenbosch or Western Cape, but I'm not sure if Columbia will be sending anyone next fall. I've applied, and will just have to see. I can't seem to shake SA off!